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Make Your Own StackOverFlow In A Jiffy is one of the best sites for your technical questions to be asked and answered! This has successfully taken the hat from the premium service as the best Q&A site!

Though StackOverFlow is around, many a times, we may need to have our own question n answer setup which is private to enterprise, or simply to have a similar site.

If you are looking to setup a similar site for questions and answers, you are in luck as there few competent open source & free Q&A engines that just does that job of SO!


A highly scalable Q&A engine written in PHP that uses MongoDB for hyper scalability. It has deep integration with social media such as FB, Twitter etc. Can be hosted easily on LAMP or XAMP environment.

alternatives to StackOverFlow


Shapado is Q&A for enterprise or communities similar to StackOverFlow. Capable and easy to install. Though a premium service, Shapado offers a free plan with unlimited traffic with no custom ads and no custom domain.


Stacked is an open source implementation using .Net. Source code is also available for you to modify if needed.

Next Generation Wearables – In Incognito Mode!

Wearable technology is the next big thing. Lots of innovation, R&D is in progress to improve usability and look and feel. Consider, Google Glass. Though capable, it is a bit of an awkward feeling to wear it all the time. What if these wearable gears became smaller and smarter? What if they became part of our body? Cool isn’t it? Here there are a few in incognito mode! Sure, there is a long way to go but it appears it will happen soon!

The Dash Headphones

Wireless, capable of measuring body temp, heartbeat, pedometer and plays music quite well!

Great wearables 

CUFF – Live Securely

Cuff a wearable device that sends vital details about your current locations to your loved ones during an emergency! It beautifully fits in to jewelry and has associated iPhone and Android Apps cuff

Great wearables

Ring – Revolutionary Wearable Device

Ring in early stages, is gearing for mass production. Ring is a device, that can control a lot of things with gestures! See for yourself in this video


Google Smart Lens

Check out this Google project – A contact that measures body sugar levels :) Super like!


Smart Diapers

smart diapers

These diapers are smart, they can analyse urine data, upload the data to cloud and give details to parents on hydration levels, diabetes, infections etc.

Cloud Based Load Generators For Web Applications And Blogs

Let’s face it, we are in web apps era! All the services that we get are all on the net mostly fetched via a cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services or Heroku or so. We expect lots of people to avail those services and at reasonable latency. Page rendering should in less than a second for people to stay interested.

So how do we make sure the web apps or blogs are indeed capable of delivering the value adds in those fraction of second? We need to make sure 100% that the web apps are responsive, scalable with no bottlenecks.

This can be done reasonably easily. There are hosted web traffic generators who will come in handy. Mostly they are paid and premium. However, basic services are part of free tiers and we will look few of them here


Blitz offers a comprehensive set of tools to perform Load Testing from the Cloud. It helps developers to perform Load testing for websites, web apps, and REST APIs. Very intuitive screens and reports that tells the current performance stats such as response time, http errors, caching needs etc. Very informative and lets one to take corrective measures. You can generate traffic from various part of the world – America, Asia, Europe, Brazil and so on. There are few services that you can test for free say 1000 simultaneous hits to your Web App..


load testing


Check out here and a case study here


A fully compatible Apache JMeter on the Cloud is BlazeMeter. It is a life saver for developers with fine tools to measure software performance, reliability and volume testing. Check out here

load testing


A Parasoft product that helps to analyze, testing and validating APIs and API-driven applications.

Check out here

HP LoadRunner

Highly scalable, affordable on-demand load testing in the cloud another great tool for developers.

KeyNote LoadPro

KeyNote LoadPro can generate 1 million concurrent hits or more. It is one of the prominent Load Testing tools around. Check out here

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