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Innovative Android Based Cameras

Android has been fueling quite a bunch of innovative products, mobile phones, tablets and now, Cameras. Android which Linux based has tremendous capabilities and can scale as a real time operating system as well.

Here is a list of latest top end innovative cameras that are running Android OS.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

This advanced Camera has 3G/4G and WiFi connectivity. This is quite amazing and innovative for a Camera. This seriously pushes cameras storage capabilities with advanced image processing capabilities out of Camera.

The Galaxy Camera is a 16.3MP compact camera with a 4.8in LCD touch screen running the Android operating system. It runs the latest iteration of Android (Jelly Bean), and is available in two versions – a 3G + Wi-Fi model and a 4G + Wi-Fi variant. This makes it the first ‘connected camera’ to offer more than just Wi-Fi connectivity.

Innovative Android Camera

Nikon S800C

Nikon recently introduced the first COOLPIX that’s also an Androidâ„¢ smart device. Superior optics, telephoto zooming, a high resolution image sensor and much more, meets the endless possibilities of the Android OS and Wi-Fi connectivity. Capable of taking exceptional photos and Full HD videos, offers edit, style and share them easier and faster than ever before. It runs on Android Ginger bread and comes with a decent 10X zoom lens.

Innovative Android Camera

Polaroid has also been working on next generation Android Cameras with its Polaroid SC1630 running Android, 16MP sensor. However, it has not yet made a big news.

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