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BlogBooker – Export Your Blog To PDF, Print Your Blog, Convert Your Blog To PDF In Seconds!

Do you want to have a PDF backup of your blog? Then try BlogBooker! Its amazingly simple and within a few clicks, you can export your blog in to a nice PDF book! It supports WordPress, Blogger and LiveJournal based blogs. All it needs is Blogs XML export and the URL of the your Blog.


Getting XML export of your blog is really simple. If you have a WordPress (Self hosted) blog, just login to Admin dashboard, go to Tools->Export option. You can easily dump XML export of your blog.


Same is the case if you have a Blogger based blog, Settings->Basic->Blog Tools->Export Blog and for LiveJournal blog users, provide the username and password. BlogBooker can generate high quality PDF within seconds/minutes depending on your blog content size.


Once the Blog XML export file and the URL are given, BlogBooker gets in to action. It quickly converts the blog posts, comments etc in to a well formatted PDF file with header/footer and Table of Contents for you to download. You can print it out or save or send it to your friends. Here is a sample PDF screenshot of Open-Tube!

Create Wire Frames And GUI Prototyping Easily – Free Open Source Tool

While detailing the requirement specification of a project that involves User Interface, often we need to quickly provide prototypes of the Graphic User Interface to meet the end customer’s purpose keeping in mind various techniques to improve your user interface. It definitely helps if you have a nice tool to quickly prototype of the GUI and validate with the customer before the implementation of the GUI. There are many commercial tools available for wire framing and GUI prototyping. There is a free open source tool available under the GPL version 2 for making diagrams and GUI prototyping easy to everyone.

Recommended Reading:


The Pencil is a unique tool build as a free and open source tool for making diagrams and GUI prototyping that everyone can use. It has some nice features that give a touch competition to the commercially available ones.

Top features:

  • Built-in stencils for diagramming and prototyping
  • Multi-page document with background page
  • Inter-page linkings!
  • On-screen text editing with rich-text supports
  • Exporting to HTML, PNG, document, Word document and PDF.
  • Undo/redo supports
  • Installing user-defined stencils and templates
  • Standard drawing operations: aligning, z-ordering, scaling, rotating…
  • Cross-platforms
  • Adding external objects
  • Personal Collection
  • Clipart Browser
  • And much more…

Download the software here for free.

12 Sets of Free Hand Drawn Icons Sets

No matter how good the icons are that are created using image editors like Photoshop etc. it always gives a unique look when you have icons that are hand drawn using pen and paper. Some of them use colored pencils or color pens to create some cool looking ions that goes well with the website that have unique themes that “hand drawn”.

Recommended Reading:

Here in this post we have collected 12 hand drawn icon sets that are collected from various sources on internet specially for you to use and add a cool quotient onto your website.

1. Hand drawn social media icons


2. Social Icons hand drawn


3. Hand Drawn Social Media Shapes


4. Free Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set for Bloggers


5. Sketch Icons


6. Handycons


7. Handycons 2

Handycons 2

8. FreeHand Color Stroked Icon Pack


9. Free Icons: Sketchy Web Icon Set


10. 20 Free Web 2.0 Icons


11. 20 Free Web 2.0 Icons – Colored Pen version


12. Social Media Icons


10 Interesting Ways To Use Your Old Floppy Disks

Many of you who have been around since the floppy disk days would have seen loads of floppy disks becoming unusable for storage of data. Like the old CDs these days, the old unused floppy disks used to create a lot of junks. If you still have those floppy, here are cool ways to use some useful stuff using old unused floppy disks.

Recommended Reading:


This post has a  collection of how you can use your floppy disks in interesting ways. All the creative ideas are via

1. Floppy Ceiling Lamp

You can create a nice looking ceiling lamp using floppy. Here Floppy discs were used to update an old ceiling lamp.


More info here.

2. Floppy Disk Notebook

Create some nice Floppy Disk Notebooks using some pretty simple instructions.


More info here.

3. Floppy Disk Bill Caddy

Conveniently build a caddy to hold all bill paying supplies and unpaid bills.


More info here.

4. Earrings made from floppy disk parts!

Make some cute looking metal earrings in five-minutes.


More info here.

5. Floppy Disks into Bracelets, Necklaces, or Belts

Easy to make floppy disk jewelries!


More info here.

6. Floppy Disk Laptop Desk/Stand

Here is a Laptop desk made from 82 floppy disks.


More info here.

7. Floppy Disk Pen Holder

This is very simple and most of you would have already tried.


More info here.

8. Floppy Disk Bird Feeder

Create a bird feeder with old floppy disks.


More info here.

9. Floppy Disk Wall Clock

This is a cute one. Make a Floppy Disk Wall Clock using your old Floppy Disks


More info here.

10. Floppy Wallet

Make a floppy wallet to store your cash


More info here.

Five Free Resources To Identify Songs Easily

Most of the time we tune into the radio and listen only to part of the song not knowing who it is by. We keep humming the song and wish we could listen to it again without knowing who sung it. We wish we had a service that can identify the song that is locked in your head.

Recommended Reading:

To help you out of such musical dilemma we have identified a list of handy resources that will identify the song for you for free.

1. LyricRat

Lyric Rat is naming that tune in 140 characters or less. When tried to search for “But now it seems I’m just a stranger to myself” it took 3 seconds and came up with the result “Wasted Years by Iron Maiden”.It also lists some alternatives. You can make sure by listening to a shot clip of the song online to confirm its the same tune you were looking for. To buy the album, just click on the title or artist that would take you to amazon where you can directly buy.


More info here.

2. Tunatic

Tunatic is free downloadable software for PCs and Macs. Its not a web-based service like the other ones but it does need an Internet connection to access the database to find the track. When you let Tunatic hear the song, you will get the artist’s name and the song’s title within seconds. Tunatic is the very first song search engine based on sound for your computer. All you need is a microphone and Internet access.


More info here.

3. Midomi

Midomi offers the ultimate music search by offering a service that is just perfect for those tune-stuck-in-your-head moments. You can sing into the microphone and even hum. It efficiently manages to isolate the tracks you  were attempting to sing. Its a perfect service where you do not know the exact lyrics by can hum the song.


More info here.

4. Musipedia

Musipedia uses the "Melodyhound" melody search engine. You can find and identify a tune even if the melody is all you know. You can play it on a piano keyboard, whistle it to the computer, simply tap the rhythm on the computer keyboard or use the Parsons code.


More info here.

5. Name My Tune

Name My Tune is another neat service that lets you sing or hum a tune into the microphone and you will get an email when the song gets identified. who identifies the songs? well the songs are identified by the visitors.


More info here.

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