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10 Free Scrum Project Management Tool

While the best tools for managing Scrum are note cards, whiteboards and big visible charts, there are many online tools that lets you manage a project using the Scrum methodology. If you are managing a Scrum for the first time, then we recommend you to stay with note cards, whiteboards and charts as the tools for managing until you have become familiar with the entire Scrum framework. When you are familiar with it, its fruitful to try your hands on some software tools that let you manage Scrum efficiently while you deliver.


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While there are many commercial tools available, here in this post we have a list of free tools that are used for Agile/Scrum project management.

1. Agile Tracking Tool

Agile Tracking Tool is a free open source tool that helps in knowing how much work is in progress and blocked. It maintains your backlog items with categories and lets you add acceptance criteria and comments on the backlog item. It provides support to measure iteration velocity and forecasts when work will be done using the measured velocity.

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2. iMeta Agility – Community Edition

iMeta Agility is a Silverlight application for the management of Scrum projects. The iMeta Agility’s Community Edition gives you full access to the system for teams of up to 5 members for FREE. It provides every essential feature that is needed by Scrum like Online Multi User, Product Backlog, Story Management, Sprint Management, Task Board and Burndown Chart.

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3. PangoScrum

PangoScrum is a free online tool for Scrum that lets you improve continually your efficiency while delivering. It provides a simple and friendly interface to write, estimate and rank priorities in your product backlog through. In PangoScrum the dates of your planning, review and retrospective meetings will be scheduled in a calendar for easy display and access.

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4. Scrumpy

Scrumpy is a free, standalone, 100% Java application specifically designed to help a Scrum Product Owner maintain a Backlog of User Stories.Scrumpy’s feature set has been carefully scoped to compliment your existing Scrum practices i.e. the ones involving a wall, sticky pieces of paper and people talking to each other. It assists with your day to day Backlog maintenance and provides you with a meaningful long term view that helps you to manage the expectation of your stakeholders.

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5. Agilito

Agilito is an open source, browser-based agile management tool that aims to do just enough for you to effectively and efficiently manage projects using an Agile methodology. It provides all that are required for Scrum project management.

More info here.

6. IceScrum 2

IceScrum 2 is a free and open source tool to manage a project using scrum. It lets you add stories to your product backlog, divide time in sprints and add stories from the backlog to a sprint. Users can pick up stories in the sprint backlog, estimate them, and complete them. You can also add tests on a story.

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7. Banana Scrum

Banana Scrum is a web based, online tool for teams practicing agile development, primarily Scrum. It was developed as a result of Codesprinters team’s experience in creating high quality web applications . It is meant to replace project walls, index cards and other paraphernalia of the paper age long gone.

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8. Sprintometer

Sprintometer is a free and simple user friendly application with modern GUI for Agile projects’ management and tracking. It can be used for management of SCRUM and XP projects. To simplify data exchange with external programs all charts and spreadsheets in Sprintometer can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

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9. Agilo for Scrum

Agilo is a free and flexible, web-based tool to support the Scrum process. Agilo delivers streamlined functionalities for managing Scrum. It’s free and open source, and can be used without limitations.  It is highly configurable to adapt to your specific workflow. It is designed and developed for Teams, Scrum Master, Product Owner and for all Stakeholder who are involved in the project.

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10. Agilefant

Alilefant is a free and open source tool for project and iteration management.  Agilefant is capable of bringing together long-term product and release planning, portfolio management and daily work of the entire organization.

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Open Source For .Net Developers – Free .Net Code Coverage, Free C#, VB.Net IDE

Code Coverage describes the degree to which the source code of a program has been tested. This is very essential for any Application developers or even for product companiimagees to have reliable software for customers. NCover was one of the best choice for Free and Open Source Code Coverage Tool for .Net Applications. Unfortunately and disappointingly it was commercialized recently making it an expensive tool to acquire. However, thanks to Open Source community, there is a mature alternative to NCover. PartCover is Free and Open Source, a good alternative to NCover. It has GUI as well as Console mode. It has the capability to color code your source with the details on code coverage details etc. For more, please refer to Relentless Development Blog.


#Develop – SharpDevelop is a free IDE for C# and VB.NET projects on Microsoft’s .NET platform. This free and easy IDE for C# and has inbuilt support for PartCover as default Code Coverage tool. It has integrated debugger, auto completion mode, Resource Editor and much more.


Hopefully, there will be more and more support for .net developers from Open Source community. Microsoft might learn from Open Source some day.

5 Ways To Track Your Sleep And Be Healthy!

imageEverybody needs a good sleep in the night or else the next day at work goes for a toss! We all sometimes get good sleep, sometimes don’t. Sometimes we are very irritable in the morning soon after waking up making us wonder why this? after a night sleep? Well, Sleep pattern changes from person to person. In short, Sleep is a little mysterious process and that is why there are Sleep specialists out there trying to help people get good rest in the night. Polysomnography is a comprehensive recording of the bio-physiological changes that occur during sleep with Diagnostic tools. It needs to be done by a qualified professional and with more more than 20 sensors attached to our body which is not very convenient (See above Picture). That is precisely why Actigraphy is catching up now which is a relatively non-invasive method of monitoring human rest/activity cycles. There are simple gadgets that let you track and monitor your sleep pattern from the comfort of your own home. No need to go to a Sleep Lab, No need to get entangled with a bunch of sensors running through your body etc. These gadgets just have 1 non-invasive sensors like wrist band or clip or wrist watch that effectively monitor your sleep patterns, wake you up when you are ready, upload collected sleep data to a central server for more review etc. These Sleep Gadgets are really hi-tech working hard to get you good sleep. There are many such Sleep Gadgets around but here is a list of 5 Sleep Gadgets recommended.



SleepTracker can continuously monitor signals from your body that indicate whether you are asleep or awake. It is simple to use SleepTracker as you need to wear SleepTracker on your wrist just like a watch, its internal sensors can detect even the most subtle physical signals from your body. SleepTracker can find your best waking moments, so that waking up has never been easier.



Fitbit can accurately track your calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled and sleep quality. The Fitbit contains a 3D motion sensor like the one found in the Nintendo Wii. The Fitbit tracks your motion in three dimensions and converts this into useful information about your daily activities. You can wear the Fitbit on your waist, in your pocket or on undergarments. At night, you can wear the Fitbit clipped to the included wristband in order to track your sleep. Anytime you walk by the included wireless base station, data from your Fitbit is silently uploaded in the background to


WakeMate is a cell phone accessory that allows you to get the most refreshing sleep possible. It tracks your sleep to wake you at the optimal time and tell you how to improve your sleep quality.



Zeo is designed to help you analyze your sleep and improve it, so you can be your best every day. Zeo can be your personal Sleep Coach, lets you quantify your sleep, analyze them and even have sleep counseling with the Zeo team.



The Sleep Cycle alarm clock (iPhone App) is a bio-alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you when you are in the lightest sleep phase. Waking up in the lightest sleep phase feels like waking without an alarm clock – it is a natural way to wake up where you feel rested and relaxed. Sleep Cycle has become a huge success with a #1 paid app position in many countries, including Germany, Japan and Russia.

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Top 12 Terrific iPhone Apps That Lets You Fly – Space Shuttle, Flight Simulator Games etc.

Whether you are watching a Spiderman movie or an aircraft flying, every one of us have wished one time or the other that we could fly. It could be flying a toy helicopter or flying a spaceship, it’s always thrill that get you thing – I wish I could Fly!

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How many of us have every dreamed that we fly a space ship or even jump of a building and land flying. Take a deep breath – finally your dream comes true with iPhone. Here we present the iPhone apps that let you fly between your boring meetings, fly while you are waiting for your flight or even while you are in flight.

1. Aera

Aera is one of the best flight simulator game for iPhone that provides a wonderful experience to the user. The graphics on the games are beautiful that you would feel like flying endlessly doing loops in the skies.


More info here.

2. RC Plane

RC Plane provides an opportunity to fly through a realistic country side scenario. It has some great looking 3D graphics with realistic flight that every kind of player would love to fly. It let you fly through a Barn, a windmill and some mysterious spots sparse trough the scenario.


More info here.

3. Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle is more a simulator that a game. Space Shuttle lets you really get some cool bits of the Space Shuttle experience, in completely real-time simulation.


More info here.

4. X-Plane Carrier

X-Plane Career is one of the most realistic aerial combat simulation for any mobile device. It provides the most realist carrier-ops simulation for any mobile device.
The ultimate goal is to take off from the carrier, destroy your adversary in the air without being shot down yourself, and return to the carrier for landing.


More info here.

5. Rope’n’Fly 2 Lite

Rope’n’Fly lets you use your ropes to swing from on skyscraper to the others. You have full control over your ropes, touch on a tower to throw your rope there, touch once again to release it and use your acceleration to fly through the sky. Touch again once you come too near to the ground before your break into smithereens.


More info here.

6. HC Heli Gold

HC Heli gold lets you race your helicopter through your house, playground or warehouse as fast as you can. It provides a 3-D flying helicopter that you can race through.


More info here.

7. Heli Flyer

With Heli Flyer you are assured to enter the world of helicopter flying and experience the excitement and challenge.


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8. F-SIM Space Shuttle

F-SIM Space Shuttle is a highly realistic simulation of the Space Shuttle approaching the land. It lets you take command of the orbit during the last minute of descend and safely touch down at the space center.


More info here.

9. Apollo 11

Forty years ago, the first man landed on the moon. Now you can relive the epic adventure on your iPhone with Apollo 11 game. The game was reated in collaboration with NASA. It lets you take a trip to the moon and find yourself in the seat of one of the greatest events in the history of mankind.


More info here.

10. Wings Galaxy: Space Exploration

This Wings Galaxy app pushes the iPhone to its limits. After you install Wings Galaxy, you would enjoy the ultimate space experience. It has real cool graphics and the app is truly unique and impressive.


More info here.

11. Wings Earth: Flight Simulator Experience

Wings Earth brings the fun, excitement and relaxation of flying to everyone, not just pilots. Wings’ flight visualizer and virtual worlds have the most beautiful terrains and environments available on the iPhone. Tailor your flying to have fun or just relax and enjoy the scenery.


More info here.

12. iBASjump

BASE stands for Building, Antenna, Space, Earth. Base jumping is like sky diving but you jut off a land structure instead of a plane. It make jumping thrill as you don’t have a parachute and have only few second before the fatal impact to the ground.


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10 Android Apps That Every Music Lover Must Try On Their Android Phone

No matter which smart phone we use, music lovers are always on lookout for music apps for their phones. While there aren’t so many apps on Android for music lovers there are quite a few to try. They are pretty good and you would love to keep it on your phone.


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Here in this post we have the most popular Android Apps for music lovers.

Have you seen any other better mobile application for music?

1. Gigbox

Gigbox brings music events from all over the world to your phone. Find events based on your location and your musical taste, bookmark your favorite events and artists.
During live events you can chat, rate and publish pictures directly from your phone. After each music event all of this is published on for you to enjoy.


More info here.

2. TuneWiki

TuneWiki Social Media Player, is an advanced player, featuring synchronized lyrics for audio or video, translation, music maps and a social network.


More info here.


Your personal radio station on your phone: Choose an artist or genre and builds the perfect playlist just for you, fresh every time, featuring your favorites and new discoveries powered by millions of users sharing the music they love. You can skip any song and find out about concerts, too


More info here

4. is an online music storage. Moozone for Android lets users upload, manage and stream their music. However it’s not just another streaming application.


More info here.

5.  Shazam

With Shazam you can identify music tracks, store them, and buy them; plus you can learn more about the artist and connect to their MySpace page.


More info here.

6. imeem Mobile

imeem for Android works seamlessly with the service – now you can enjoy personalized radio, anytime and anywhere. Enjoy free streaming music from your favorite artists and discover new artists, right on your phone.


More info here.

7. Lyric Search

Lyric Search searchs for Lyrics to virtually any song. Search by artist or song name, copy and paste lyrics into sms, email, or other applications, and save lyrics or buy the song on amazon mp3


More info here.

8. Ringdroid

Ringdroid lets you edit any MP3 on your phone or record a new sound and turn it into a ringtone, alarm, or notification. The only graphical waveform editor you’ll find on a phone


More info here.

9. Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio application lets Android smartphone users get the most of internet radio on their phones. All one has to do is type the name of one an artist, song or classical composer and Pandora will create a “station” that plays their music and more music like it.


More info here.

10. Rhapsody App for Android

Find music, and play it instantly. That’s the essence of Rhapsody mobile app. With a Rhapsody To Go subscription, you can listen to anything and everything in the catalog from wherever you are. But you will have to wait till the Android version of the App is released!

More info here.

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