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How to setup your own Cloud Storage under 60 seconds?

The Pogoplug connects your USB drive to the Internet so you can easily share and access your files from anywhere. It is the easiest way you could put your USB Hard Disk on the internet to share files with friends or you accessing them remotely!




Easy to Install

All the files from your external hard drive can be viewed or downloaded through your Web browser, with no need to download or install extra software.

Full Web Access

Installing your Pogoplug is as simple as connecting two cables, then visiting our website. No need to call your office networking guy, we’ll do all the work for you!

iPhone Support

Access all your media from an iPhone, and even send new pictures from your iPhone straight to your home, with a single click.

Works Just Like Your Hard Drive

Your Pogoplug is accessible through Windows Explorer and Mac Finder. It’s just like using a drive that is directly connected to your computer.

Safe, Simple Sharing

Easily share your home videos and photos with friends and family. No uploading required!


Pogoplug is getting even better all the time. Our system is expandable over the Web. Soon, your Pogoplug can connect directly to popular sites such as backup, file synchronization, photo printing and more.

All said and done, for 99$ this gadget is worth looking at.

Great Browser Games At the largest Gaming Portal – Free Games With No Download and No Installation

Browser games does not require any huge downloads or any software installation on your PC. They are games that you can just start playing online right in your browser. Because of the fat it is played in a browser, you can play these games literally from anywhere. Like other computer games they support real multiplayer options. is the largest gaming portal ( available in English and many other languages) and one of the top 3 gaming portals worldwide., the number 1 gaming portal offers a wide variety of high-quality online games. You can play online right in your browser, no download necessary and have real multiplayer game fun. Best thing is that it can be played from anywhere and anytime.

  • Developers can upload their browser and casual games directly to It has high set standard and online games must meet their standards.
  • In order to constantly provide new and exciting gaming experience, Bigpoint always keeps licensing new browser and client games
  • Bigpoint develops their own browser games in order to have an exclusive set of games which offer the same features and quality that other games can only deliver on game CDs or consoles
  • It provides free use of the all the games and allows players of all ages to have high-class fun has become the top destination for the best online games, from a small change for your coffee break to complex long-term multiplayer games.

Get on to the number one gaming portal below and start the fun!

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5+ Best Free File Compare and Merge Software List

When your work involves comparison between files and folders, an efficient software becomes a must to assist you to do your work efficiently. Though there are many file compare  and merge software that are commercially available, here we present some neat file comparison and merging software that are comparable to the commercially available ones. These applications not only help in comparing files and folders but also help in merging the changes.



1. WinMerge

WinMerge is an open source differencing and merging tool for Windows that can compare both folders and files, presenting differences in a visual text in a easy to understand format. WinMerge is highly useful for determining what has changed between project versions, and then merging changes between versions.


Download the software here.

WinMerge Download

2. Meld Meld is a open source, visual diff and merge tool for Mac and Linux. You can compare two or three files and edit them in place. The diffs updates dynamically. It also allows comparing two or three folders and launching file comparisons in them. It allows viewing a working copy from version control systems such as CVS,Subversion, Bazaar-ng and Mercurial.


Download the software here.   Meld Download

3. FreeFileSync FreeFileSync is an open surce folder comparison and synchronization tool for Windows. It is structured very clearly with a very impressing and simple user interface.

FreeFileSync Download the software here.

Download FreeFileSync

4. Kompare

Kompare is a open source graphical difference viewer for Linux that allows you to visualize changes to a file. This tool comes handy for developer comparing source code or seeing difference between research paper draft and the final document.


Download the software here.

Download Kompare

5. DiffMerge

DiffMerge is an free (not open source) application to visually compare and merge files for Windows, Mac OS X and Unix.


Download the software here.

Download DifferMerger

6. KDiff3

KDiff3 is a open source file and directory diff and merge tool for Windows, Linux and Mac which compares and merges two or three text input files or directories. It shows the differences line by line and character by character, provides an automatic merge-facility, has an editor for comfortable solving of merge-conflicts.


Download the software here

Download KDiff3

Enhanced Vi Editor, The Best Word Processor – Cream

Vi Editor has been around for decades and a handy text editor for Linux geeks. But, it has lots of features that aren’t easy to use. It takes time to master them. If you want to use the goodies of Vi editor but with a good interface, then probably you could check out Cream.

Cream is a sophisticated or probably better shaped version of Vi. It is based on the usual Vi but with easy to use interface. It will help you whether you are writing an email or developing software. It runs on Windows too. Other than the usual Vi features, it has tabbed window interface.

Tabbed Windows Support With Syntax Coloring



Intuitive Toggle Status Bar



Side by Side Files Comparison



There are so many advanced features that Cream supports, it will give an edge to developers.

Here is the complete list of features Cream supports.

12 Free and Awesome First Person Shooter Games – Part 2

In earlier post, we covered  the Part 1 of the Free and Awesome First Person Shooter Games series. Here is the following Part 2. Another great 12 Free full First Person Shooter gaimagemes. Most of them are huge downloads and may take a while to download. However, these are full games and enjoyment is guaranteed. Read on…

War Rock 1.1

A dynamic combat experience like no other! Equip yourself from a wide array of weapons and field gear, and fight on foot or take the battle to the enemy in armored vehicles ranging from Blackhawk choppers and K1 tanks to F-15 Eagles.


Download it here

Alien Arena 2009


Alien Arena is a fast paced (like Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament), furious frag fest with arenas ranging from the small, to the massive. With a large built-in player base, it’s never hard to find a good match going on, at any hour of the day. The community is friendly, as well as prolific. Dozens of maps, models, and various accessories have been created by community members to add on to the game experience. The CRX engine that powers Alien Arena has received very significant upgrades in recent releases, resulting not only in stunning new visuals, but vastly increased performance as well.

Download it from here.

Digital Paint – PaintBall 2.0


Digital Paint – Paintball 2.0 is a fast, team oriented first person shooting game with team support. Various modes support Attack, Combat, Defend, Death match etc,

Download it from here.

Kuma Games (Over 90 Free games!)


Kuma War is a series of playable recreations of real events in the War on Terror. Nearly 100 playable missions bring our soldiers’ heroic stories to life, and you can get them all right now, for free. Stop watching the news and get in the game! You need broadband high speed internet for better experience.

Download it here.


ArenaXcape is a multiplayer arena shooter game based on AlienXcape. In ArenaXcape you can battle with three of your friends over a LAN or the Internet. ArenaXcape is designed for the high-end graphics possible with Windows Vista and Window 7 and DirectX 10. In this three story level, you can pick up multiple weapons, find additional health, and battle until one player gets 20 Frags.


Download it here.

CyberQuest V1.0


Cyber Quest is a first person shooter game about an experimental uber-soldier sent to destroy the machines that where originally built to protect but has rebelled due to being infected by an advanced computer virus written by a terrorist group known as the CyberSkulls. Now mankind´s fate hangs in the balance as the only chance we have of survival is an amped up uber-soldier re-programmed from the very enemy that seeks to destroy us.

Download it here.

NTE: Strike and Retrieve


NTE: Strike & Retrieve presents a mental challenge that requires both sound reasoning and quick-thinking action on your part. At the Navy we know the missions of the future will be determined not by who is the strongest but by who is the smartest.

Download it here.

The Crypt 2.0


In this 3D First Person Shooter game, you wake up in a dimly-lit crypt. You have to shoot your way out. Using the arrow keys and your mouse, you navigate the tightly guarded maze of The Crypt. Gain as much energy and lives as possible along the way because, you will need them!

Download it here.

Penumbra 1.1 Free


Penumbra uses our in-house develop 3D engine, featuring the latest graphics and physics technologies. Thanks to these technologies Penumbra is able to immerse players into it’s world of horror, unlike anything seen before within the genre.

Download it here.

Urban Terror


Urban Terror™ is a free multiplayer first person shooter developed by FrozenSand, that (thanks to the ioquake3-code) does not require Quake III Arena anymore. It is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

Download it here.

Gore Special Edition


Gore – The Ultimate Soldier is an online multi-player game with a goal of providing classic hard core FPS action, blended with pure filth, humor and unique characters to give the player an experience that is fun and unique, but also without the stress and seriousness of many other styles of FPS games.

Download it here.

Full Spectrum  Warrior


In the game, players will command and coordinate the actions of two infantry squads leading them through a hostile urban warzone, as they outthink, outmaneuver and battle enemies through thirteen levels of intense combat. In addition, players can also go online and team up with a friend for two-player co-op gameplay. Full Spectrum Warrior is based on a light infantry-training simulator designed by Pandemic Studios for the U.S. Army as a tool to reinforce Army combat doctrine and squad tactics among troops.

Download it here.

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