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Karmic Koala – Ubuntu 9.10 The Fastest Booting Release So Far?

Ubuntu 9.10 (code named Karmic Koala) is in its final Alpha 6 and will be in Beta soon. Lots of improvements especially much much faster boot performance. Tests show that the Ubuntu 9.10 can boot in few seconds and on SSD based storage, booting time drastically comes down to like 5 seconds. That is just amazing. Here is the boot chart and XORG comes up in just 2 seconds. Courtesy – Canonical External Developer Relations Coordinator, Jorge Castro.image

Canonical, the sponsors of Ubuntu, has been targeting a boot time of about 10 seconds in their 10.04 Release which is expected to come out sometime in 2010 and it looks doable considering the boot performance improvements in release 9.10 Alpha 6.

This is just good news for Ubuntu lovers and in 9.10 there are other things which are improved. Ubuntu 9.10 is the first to use GRUB2 and Ext4 by default. It also replaces HAL (Hardware Abstraction layer) with DeviceKit. Pidgin has been replaced in favor of Empathy, Ubuntu One Cloud Client is also included by default and much more.

Download Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 6 and try for yourself. By late October or early November, 9.10 is expected to come out of Beta.

Good Luck Ubuntu Team! We’re waiting…

via arstechnica

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Game Machine – Delivers The Greatest Free Online Games to Your Desktop

For all the online game lovers, here is an ultimate Adobe AIR application that is unbelievably cool!


Game Machine from Candyland Studios delivers the latest online games directly on to your computer desktop without the need for you to search for them on the web. The Game Machine offers the latest published games from 10 different categories from Board games to Strategy Games.

Select the Category


Select the Game


Add to favorites if you like the game


Start playing!


This is the easiest way to play an online game and its free. Just download the Adobe AIR application for your desktop here.

Candyland Studio also provides an option to add a widget on your iGoogle-home or to your own web site.

To add the Game Browser Widget on your website, just put this JavaScript into the source code of your HTML:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”></script>

How To Get Windows 7 For Cheap or Even Free?

Well, the new Microsoft Windows 7 is anyway around the corner and lots of improvements are promised by Microsoft. If you are planning to go for Windows 7 then wait, you can get serious discounts in several ways or even you may get it for free :) Here is some ways to get that serious discount! image

  1. Firstly, it is highly recommended that you follow their Twitter updates that announces such kind of programs where you get to know Microsoft Offers! Follow them @MSWindows.
  2. If you are a Windows Developer or Products Testing company, then it is most likely that you may have MSDN or MS TechNet subscriptions in place. If so, then what are you waiting for? You get most of the new MS releases for free (Note that these are Developer versions and only for testing purposes) and try them in your office. Yeah, if you use your office laptops then hell, yeah you can use for your regular usage
  3. 90 days Windows 7 Enterprise Trial Edition – Well, MS offers this as a way to test your apps if they run good on Windows 7 before you buy. Get it here
  4. Students can get Windows 7 for real cheap. If you are part of Microsoft Academic Alliance (Microsoft AA) then you could get Windows products for very less. Access Microsoft AA and learn more.
  5. If you are not part of Microsoft AA then, don’t be sad, here is another way for Students to get a massive discount on Windows 7. Enter this Microsoft Special Promo of Windows 7 for Students. You can get Windows 7 Pro under 30$!
  6. Attend MS Conference and get Windows 7 for Free with you! Check here. Free entry registration.
  7. Well, all the above ways may not be as easy as getting a Windows 7 Family Pack! Apple Mac OS had this a while ago and now as usual Windows 7 team followed them. A Family pack of Windows 7 can save more than 70$ per copy. For about 150$, you can load Windows 7 on 3 of your computers! That’s a cool one.

Well, so many ways to get Windows 7 discount or entirely free. But, still you yawn and say what’s in a Windows 7? :) Well get over to Ubuntu like we did… he he, no need to buy family pack, no seminar, you dont need to be a student but all you need to be is human!

via downloadsquad + our Ubuntu suggestions :)

Quick And Easy Way To Create Web 2.0 and CS3 Style Icons In Three Simple Steps

If you are looking for the quickest way to create a simple Web 2.0 or CS3 style icon, then here is an Adobe AIR app for you. Icon Generator is the simplest app we have seen so far that lets you create Web 2.0 or CS3 style icons in just three simple steps.

You can choose between CS3 or Web 2.0 style.


1. Pick the Color


2. Type the character


3. Save it!


It creates four different sizes of icons.


One of the draw back is there is no provision to provide the name of the icon. So each time after you save, you need to rename the files to prevent overwriting of files.

Also, we would have liked if there was an option to select the shape. However this works great for simple icons. So download and enjoy it!

Download the application from here. Its free and quick to install!

Stop Listening and Start Feeling The Music via High Performance Head Phones

Though artists spend so much time and money in fine-tuning and mixing music to make sure the right kind of music is created for their fans, often fans don’t listen to the original music due to poor quality head phones that are not good at reproducing the original sound. Here is a cool device designed for all those who want to listen to the soundtrack of life with clarity and power. Lady Gaga has teamed up with monster and Dr. Dre and created a high-performance head phone called Heartbeats by Lady Gaga. This head phone is designed so it does not look like no other head phone out there.



  • Multiple Eartips For the Perfect Fit
    To ensure perfect fit and seal, they come with multiple sizes and shapes of ear tips. This gives you max comfort and reduce outside noise.
  • Plush Travel Case
    They come with a plush travel case to keep you heartbeats safe and sound.
  • Exclusive Monster Cable
    To provide accurate signal, they come with an exclusive Monster Cable
  • Flat Cables by Monster: No Tangles
    The exclusive flat cables from Monster are designed for tangle-resistance.





You can take a look and buy here . They are priced around $99.

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