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Android or LiMo? What is the difference between Android and LiMo?

The LiMo Foundation is trying to create an open, Linux-based software platform for use by the whole global industry to produce mobile devices enabling a rich ecosystem of differentiated products, applications, and services from device manufacturers, operators, integrators etc.


So is Google with its Open Source Linux Platform – Android. Both are Open Source Linux based platforms targeted for Mobile Devices. Then what’s the difference?


Well, Here is a quick summary of differences as TechCrunch puts across.


Well, Who will win in this Battle?

We personally bet Android will take it. Google is the innovations boss. At the same time, LiMo is also backed by a huge list of biggies like Motorola, Samsung, NEC, Panasonic, Vodafone and many more. Ironically, companies like Motorola, DoCoMo, Samsung etc support both the platforms and fund/promote both of them. They are smart, who cares, they will use both, finally pick the one which wins :) Anyways, worth waiting for the winner. What do you think?

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FeedDemon 3.0 – Best RSS Reader That Integrates With Google Reader/Twitter!

FeedDemon 3.0 is just released and has impressive features that will let you synchronize your Google Reader account with FeedDemon and have the same RSS feeds and updates on you laptop, Home PC or Office PC. That is really cool, considering we keep using so many computers in a day :). image

FeedDemon lets your favorite news, blog updates etc instantly. It’s a perfect union with Google reader.

What’s new in FeedDemon V3.0?

  • Google Reader sync – Use FeedDemon at home, at your office, or anywhere you go and keep your feeds, tags and shared items synched between locations.
  • Redesigned UI including new "Subscriptions Home" page with popular videos and articles extracted from your feeds
  • Tagging and tag cloud on Subscriptions Home page.
  • Easy item sharing – let others enjoy your favorite articles with just a click.
  • Enhanced Twitter feed reading with automatic hyperlinks and short URL expansion view. (FeedDemon lets you read RSS Feed with Password)

How do you sync Google Reader Account?

Simple, while installing FeedDemon 3.0, it is quite easy, it just asks you (Wizard based UI) what you want to do?


Once you provide you Google Reader A/C info, FeedDemon 3.0 will Sync with it.


You’re free to import Feeds from other sources as well.


Neat FeedDemon 3.0 User Interface. Very nice and helpful with single Share button, Favorite button etc. Lots of customizations possible while view the feed. Full mode, summary mode as well as Headlines mode. You sort based on dates, category etc.


A funny note :)


How to get Twitter Updates?

You can view Twitter Updates (Public Timeline) from all you follow you! Access associate it with FeedDemon and you’re done :)


or Add a new feed and give the same URL


Twitter Search – Search for a keyword in Twitter, Google Blog and more. Search for open tube is in the screenshot.


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Is Your Web Pages Are Taking A Long Time To Load? Ask FireBug!

FireBug is Free and Open Source and The Best Web Development Plug-in for FireFox. FireBug lets edit, debug, review CSS, HTML and Java Script right from FireFox Browser. imageNon intrusive, light weight plug-in is really a gem for Web Developers. Well, there is another very important use of FireBug. It can show graphically how each files behave while loading. This will give you a very good idea on how to optimize the web pages. 

Watch the timeline file by file

Each file in FireBug’s Net Tab, has a respective Bar that shows when the Page was started to load and when it finished loading. This is relative to other files and hence gives you an idea of load comparison with other pages. Lots of revelations like Java Scripts loading in sequential rather than parallel etc. This is very handy for optimization.

Separate by File Type

Sometimes, you be interested in how images load in each page. You might have linked a huge BMP file instead of JPG and it certainly will slow down load time. These can be easily sorted out using this feature.

Can differentiate between Cached and Non Cached Pages

Firebug color codes requests that are served from the cache in a lighter gray so you can quickly scan and see how effectively your site is using the cache to optimize page load times.

Examine HTTP Headers

HTTP headers contain all sorts of interesting information like the mime type of the file, the type of web server, caching directives, the cookie, and lots more. To see the HTTP headers, just click the arrow to the left of each request to expand it.

and much more features of FireBug really helps you pin down the issue. we’re loving it. Do you? or Do you have something better? We’d like to hear from you.

Here is a screenshot of FireBug showing Digg Site Load.


Download FireBug.

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Top 3 Free Vector Graphics Editors That Are Open Source

Vector Graphics Editors allow users to interactively edit and compose Vector Graphics (primitives such as lines, points, curves etc forming the whole image). Vector Graphics Editors are best suited for creating Logos, Page Layout, Graphic Design, Illustrations like ClipArts etc, Where as Bitmap Editors (like GIMP or Adobe Photoshop) are more suited for Image Processing. Adjacent picture is taken from Wikipedia article on Vector Editors. A fine example that shows Bitmap Graphics are based on pixels and degrade as the Zoom factor increases where as Vector Graphics is not affected.image

Most well known commercial Vector Graphics Editors are Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW and Xara Extreme (Except Linux version). They are very capable but expensive too. But, the Open Source community is not far behind. There are very good Free and Open Source Vector Graphics Editors and Here we list 3 of them.

Inkscape (For Linux, Mac OS and Windows)

  • Inkscape is an Open Source Vector Graphics Editor using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file format. Comparable to CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator and Xara Extreme.
  • Inkscape supports many advanced SVG features (markers, clones, alpha blending, etc.) and with a streamlined interface. It is very easy to edit nodes, perform complex path operations, trace bitmaps and much more in Inkscape. There is an active user and developer community that is open, community-oriented development.


Xara Extreme (For Linux)

Xara Xtreme for Linux is a powerful, general purpose graphics program for Unix platforms including Linux, FreeBSD and (in development) OS-X. It is however not free on Windows Platform.

  • Is very fast, very slick to use.
  • Offers some of the most powerful graphics tools available.
  • Is simple to use and learn.
  • Has a clean, un-cluttered user interface. Few floating dialogs, palettes, menus etc.
  • Has a huge resource of learning material, tutorials, movies, tips and a very active enthusiastic and growing user community.


Skencil (For Unix Like and Mac OS)

Skencil is a Free Software interactive vector drawing appliction. Known to run on GNU/Linux and other UNIX-compatible systems, it is a flexible and powerful tool for illustrations, diagrams and other purposes.

It is developed using Python and very powerful with following features.

  • Bézier Curves
  • Transformed text and images
  • Bézier curves, rectangles and ellipses can be used as guides
  • Gradient fills
  • Blend groups
  • Writes EPS files
  • Text along a path


There are other Open Source Vector Graphics Editors like OpenOffice Draw, Scribus, Karbon14, SK1 etc. They are also worth exploring.

Which one do you like? Do you agree with us? Please comment.

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50 Refreshing Bing Wallpapers For Nature Lovers

If you are fascinated by the stunning wallpapers on the Bing, then here is a collection of 50 spectacular wallpapers for those who love nature. Bing wallpaper images are copyright to their respective owners


















































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