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20+ Family 2.0 Networking Sites



Family 2.0 refers to the niche of Web 2.0 that is a tailored version of the popular social networking for families. These services typically allow families to communicate, collaborate, build family trees, share photos and videos. Tech savvy families are getting more and more into family social networking sites to collaborate and communicate better. They offer a private and secured way of building family heritage and roots information. Here is a list of such Family 2.0 social networking sites which connect families, parents and mothers together for one purpose – Collaboration.

1 Amiglia


Amiglia lets your moments in life with your loved ones. Amiglia supports a lot of features like, Family tree with GEDCOM (GEnealogical Data COMmunication) support, unlimited photos, videos, easy tagging, map support for geolocated photo albums, family face book, no advertisements, spam free and many more. It is a paid service (50$ per year) with 30 days free trial option.

2 Geni


Geni is a popular family social networking site with over 55 million registered users. Using Geni, you can build your family tree, share photos and videos, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Basic version is free but a Pro version also exists. Pro users will be charged at 5$ a month and get a Pro Badge, family tree export option to GEDCOM format is available and a premium support will be in place. Founder of, David O. Sacks is also the founder of the award winning Yammer, an enterprise micro-blogging service.

3 Cingo


Cingo lets families click together. Offers features that let you share calendars, shared To-Do lists, Shared grocery lists, task control managers, news etc among families. However, it does not offer features like creation of family tree, sharing photos with other family members etc. Cingo is specialized in managing families busy lives on the web and is priced at 5$ a month.

4 Family Pursuit


Family Pursuit us a Genealogy Community Tree that allows you to network and collaborate with other genealogists. Supports community tree, Coordinated genealogy research, Genealogy Wiki, collaboration etc. A unique genealogy site which is priced at 60$ a year.

5 Family Mingle


Family Mingle is a great new meeting place for your family. It supports Private Family Trees, Photo sharing on Family message boards, Shared birthday, family event calendars etc.

6 Famiva


Famiva is a free social network for families. Famiva lets create your family tree instantly with unlimited family member tree, high definition picture sharing among family members, blogs, shared events and much more.

7 Famoodle


Famoodle supports picture sharing, family blogs, discussion boards, share family related information etc.


image has more than 11million family trees and a perfect way to have an online family tree. It is paid service and lets you upload your GEDCOM file and crate family trees instantly.

9 Genoom


Create your family tree, and family network, It’s private, secure & free at Genoom.

10 Dynastree


Create your family tree and stay in contact with your relatives. It is free and secured. If you have a GEDCOM family tree file and then Dynastree lets you import it.

11 Kincafe


Kincafe lets stay in touch with the family around the globe. You can share Photo Albums, Calendars in a safe and secured way. It also supports family tree creation.

12 My Heritage


My Heritage lets you share your family tree and photos with the people you know and love. It supports GEDCOM files.

13 My Family


Connect your family online on Create a private website for Stories, Photos, Videos and Events.

14 OurStory


At OurStory, make your timeline about anything and collaborate with family and friends. Also add your timeline to MySpace or your blog.

15 Famundo


Famundo can be fore families as well as organizations. It’s your family hub, with an online family calendar to make your family’s schedule manageable, giving control over your daily life. Free online calendar and other tools for schools, churches, and clubs, to easily share events with members.

16 We Relate


WeRelate is a free public-service wiki for genealogy sponsored by the Foundation for On-Line Genealogy in partnership with the Allen County Public Library. It is a largest Genealogy wiki. WeRelate is currently in beta. It is supported by volunteers and your tax-deductible donations.

17 Family Den


Family Den is a place where your family can create your very own private websites and stay connected. On Family Den your family can easily share family photos, family videos, post family announcements and more.

18 Minti


Minti is a Parenting collaboration site. You get answers for Parenting related questions from other parents. It is a Parenting wiki kind of social community.



Families is a community dedicated to Parenting, Relationships etc.

20 Living Memory


Living memory lets you record your life experiences – Moments, – Stories, – Events, – Photos Create your child’s timeline, records their childhood as it happens! Share your knowledge with the world or share it only with your family.

21 Baby Center (Maya’s Mom)

baby center

At Baby Center community, you can connect with parents like you, Share your frustrations and get advice, Create or join a group with other parents, Keep a journal of your memories, Show your favorite photos and view the latest shots from friends.

22 Mothers Click


Mothers Click is as the name suggests, a Mommies hang out place on the web. If you are looking out for socializing with other mothers in your locality, it is the right place. From parenting to cooking to women’s health, you get information.

If you are using others or aware of other such Family 2.0 services, please comment below.

WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal – Stand out of 15+ Open Source CMS

Of  the various Open Source CMS software, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are the dominant open source brands in the market. Our examination of the open source CMS market is by attempting to measure the relative rates of adoption of the systems. We have measured the relative rate of adoption with the help of three parameters – Download, Development Services and Books in Prints.

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1. Download

WordPress tops the download rate while Joomla! stands the second. However download rates are not constant over time, a new release will generate a large amount of excitement and an accelerated download rate for the period immediately following the release.

2.  Development Services

Joomla! stands first followed by WordPress in terms of development services offered by third parties. This statistics is based on Elance and Guru that provides a mechanism for buyers to locate freelance professionals. The site is focused on web, programming, writing and related professions.

3. Books in Prints

A visit to Amazon to findout who has the largest number of books in print and which CMS has been the subject of publishing activity show that Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress are the top three.


WordPress is widely thought of as a blogging
platform, but the reality is that the WordPress CMS product is powerful and flexible enough to be used as a more typical web CMS and increasingly is so used. WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.



Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful web based online applications. Its most important features like ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular Web site software available. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone.



Drupal is a free software package that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Tens of thousands of people and organizations are using Drupal to power scores of different web sites, including Community web portals, Discussion sites, Corporate web sites, Intranet applications, Personal web sites or blogs, Aficionado sites, E-commerce applications, Resource directories, Social Networking sites


List of other  prominent open source content management systems are:

1. b2evolution
2. CMSMadeSimple
3. e107
4. Elgg
5. eZ Publish
6. Mambo
7. MediaWiki
8. MODx
9. php-Nuke
10. phpWebSite
11. Pligg
12. Plone
13. SPIP
14. TikiWiki
15. Typo3
16. Xoops


20 Impressive Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials

The various tutorials listed below demonstrates how one can pickup an amateur photo and make it look like a pro by using Photoshop image editing tools.

1. Creating a Touching Story Scene

In this tutorial, you are going to create a story scene using photo manipulation and a lot of color adjustments.


2. Creating or enhancing an explosion effect

This tutorial teaches you how to create and enhance a massive explosion in a photo.


3. Photo Cutout

This tutorial teaches you to create fun cutout effect that makes the subject look like it’s coming in or out of a printed photo


4. Beautiful Underwater Scene

This tutorial shows you how to create magical underwater scene. It uses the source image of Victoria Tulips contest to create this effect and the rest is done using filters, blending options, masking and some basic photo shop tools.


5. Ocean Girl

The tutorial creates an ocean girl by using various images and manipulating them into one.


6. Adding dramatic, gritty, bronzed effect

In this tutorial shows how to add a dramatic, gritty, bronzed effect to your images


7. Create cool neon effects

This tutorial shows you how to use warping, layer masks and simple colour tweaking for a high-tech look that’s out of this world


8. Light In The Forest Photo Effect

This tutorial shows how to modify the pictures and add some artistic effects.


9. Creating a flaming photo manipulation

This tutorial shows how to create a flaming photo manipulation.


10. Create silky smooth waterfall

This tutorial shows how to give waterfalls a silky smooth appearance, as if the photo was taken with a longer exposure.


11. Create dynamic distortion effects

This tutorial shows how to make striking, dynamic distortions of subjects.


12. Create Scan Lines

This tutorial shows how to add TV style scan lines to your images


13. Lightning from hand

The tutorial shows how to add lightning to a photo.


14. Using Ink Drops in Your Digital Composition

This tutorial demonstrates techniques to creatively work ink drops into your compositions.


15. Adding Reflections to Sun Glasses

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add reflections, or at least, different reflections, to sunglasses.


16. Creating a Cyborgenic Leopard

The tutorial shows how to turn a leopard into a Cyborgenic.


17. Blend Techniques With Selective Color Layers

The tutorial demonstrates how to use blend techniques with selective color layers


18. Water Color Effect

The tutorial shows how to add water color effect to a photo.


19. Alien Skin

This tutorial attempts to create an alien skin effect, using a combination of brushes, dodging techniques and various textures.


20. Transform a person into an alien

The tutorial is written to show how to create a very cool looking alien.



GanttProject – an Open Source alternative for MS Project

For many years MS Project has been the only tool that is commonly being used for Project Management. However there is a price tag attached to the software that comes with tones of features of which hardly 20% really get used.


GanttProject is an alternative open source solution to MS Project, targeted for companies that needs to cut down cost and do not use “all” the features provided by MS Project. GanttProject is a free project scheduling and management tool that is based on Gantt chart. It runs on Windows, Linux and MacOSX. Major features of GanttProject include

– Creating work breakdown structure, drawing dependencies and defining milestones

– Assigning human resources to work on tasks and see their allocation on the Resource Load chart

– Generating PERT chart from Gantt chart

– Save/Export charts as PNG images, generate PDF and HTML reports

– Allows Import from and export them to Microsoft Project formats. Also allows export to spreadsheets with CSV.

– Share projects with your colleagues using WebDAV


If you are familiar with MS Project it will not take more than few minutes to get around it. Easy to install and easy to use!

Download GanttProject here

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