20 Killer Secret Safes To Stash Your Valuables

Whether you are traveling or at home, it’s always safe to keep your valuables in a hidden compartment and keep it away from burglars. There are great innovative products that have safe compartments which are almost impossible to make out. You could store your valuables like cash, credit cards, jewels, keys etc and keep them along side other such items. The burglars only have time to check the most obvious places for valuables!


Here in this post we have reviewed 20 secret safes which are built into different commonly used items. They look and weighs like a real one but have secret compartments to store your valuables and the burglar will never be able to find out.

1. Stash Card

The Stash Card from Wireless Garden is a secret compartment that slides into the PC card slot in your laptop to stash away all sorts of stuff like Memory cards, Money, Stamps, Keys, Photos, and so much more. You can order online here 


2. Cash Stash Keychain

This simple little Cash Stash Keychain ahs been created to store emergency funds. Its simple but smart. To store cash, simply unscrew the capsule, wrap your note(s) around its internal stainless steel CashClip and there is  a secret stash of emergency cash. This comes handy when you have forgotten your wallet, or as an emergency when you run out of cash. You can buy the gadget online here.


3. Stash Sandals – Reef Stash

The Reef Stash is an innovative design that features a pull-out storage drawer in the heel, ideal for cash, credit cards or keys. You can see a variety of options in various shades available here.


4. Stash Lighter

The Stash Lighter has a secret hidden compartment to store cash that can be used during emergency. You can order the Lighter here.


5. Undercover Leg Stash

The Eagle Creek Undercover Leg Stash fits comfortably around your thigh with elasticized VELCRO straps. The pouch has two zippered pockets for your passport and funds. The CoolMax backing keeps the Undercover Leg Stash from feeling sweaty or sticky. You can place an online order from here.


6. Fake Car Lighter Stash Box

Fake Car Lighter Stash Box Safe. Looks just like a car lighter. Plastic knob unscrews to reveal hidden metal compartment with a plastic liner. You can buy it here.


7. WD-40 Diversion Can Safe

These WD-40 Cans have secret compartments where you can safely stash away anything you choose by twisting open the top of the can.These cans are indistinguishable from the genuine product and even weighted to feel full. The diversion safes are a unique home-security product to hide your valuables. You can buy there here.

Diversion Stash Can Safe

8. Coffee Mug Hidden Safe

This unique "safe" allows you to hide valuables inside a thermal coffee mug- one of the last places a thief would think to look. The top portion can actually be used as an insulated coffee thermos. It has a no-spill top and will hold about as much coffee as a standard coffee mug. The bottom portion provides you with an area approximately 3.5 inches tall by 3 inches in diameter to hide your valuables. You can buy one from here


9. Book Safe

One of the most popular diversion safes is the book safe that has it’s center hollowed out so you can hide your valuables. The velvety interior that lines the hidden compartment will protect whatever you decide to put inside. You can buy one from here.


10. Stash Pens

This Stash Pen has a working nib that you can write with, while also containing a stealthily hidden stash vial inside the main body of the pen. It looks and works just like a normal pen. When you twist the coned nib piece and the pen nib appears ready to write. When you twist the piece above the connecting ring, the stash vial is revealed within where you can stash your valuable. You can buy it here.


11. Stash Candle

The Stash Safe Candle is made like a real candle but with a hollow middle. The bottom of the candle contains a hidden aluminum cylinder that you remove to put valuables inside. You can buy this stash candle here.


12. Safe Can Shaving Gel

This Shaving Gel can has a removable bottom which reveals an inner sanctum for all your most valuable possessions. Features full instructions for an extra smooth finish on the back. You can buy one from here.


13. Stash Battery

The Stash Battery looks like a standard and rather unexciting battery, until you screw off the bottom and the excitement is released, assuming you keep something valuable in there.


14. Beer and Soda Can Diversion Safe

The Beer and/or Soda Can Safe is an ideal way to hide your valuables in plain sight.These brand name cans look just like their real counterparts. Hide precious items in one of these can safes and pop it in the fridge! You can buy them from here


15. Headphones with Zipper pockets

These headphones have a zippered pocket to stash your valuables in the stash pockets. You can buy them here


16. Flower Pot Stash Can

The Flower Pot Safe keeps money, credit cards, jewelry and important papers out of sight while decorating with a beautiful potted or artificial plant. The Flowers Screw out revealing the secret compartment, specially designed to keep out dirt and moisture. You can buy them from here.


17. CD Case Hidden Safe

It is a stack of CD’s with a hidden compartment inside. It looks like a stack of 6 standard size compact disc cases that will blend perfectly into your collection. You can buy one from here.


18. Pillow Diversion Hidden Safe Spy Gadget Stash

The Pillow Diversion Hidden Safe contains a unique safe that allows you to hide your valuables discreetly inside a couch pillow. You can boy one from here.


19. Coca Cola Diversion Hidden Bottle Safe

Its a coca cola bottle safe, one of the most realistic diversion safes that allows you to hide valuables inside. You can buy one from here.


20. Paint Can Safe

These Paint Can has a quart sized hidden compartment where valuables can be discreetly stored inside. Each is undistinguishable from the genuine product and is even weighted to feel full. You can buy them from here.


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