20 Beautiful HDR Photos

HDR – High Dynamic Range  photography is a technique by which several photos of the same scene that is shot with different exposure settings are combined into one photo. The details of dark areas (from a longer-duration exposure) are combined with the details of brightly lit areas (from a shorter-duration exposure) to form a single photo that is that is correctly exposed in both the dark and light areas.


source: http://www.hdrsoft.com

Here in this article we present a  collection of 20 beautiful photos that were created after processing through HDR techniques. To create such beautiful photos, checkout our article on Free HDR Software .

1. Photo by Glauco Dattini


2. Photo by Glauco Dattini


3. Photo by Tony Hadley


4. Photo by Damir Sencar


5. Photo by Glauco Dattini


6. Photo by Scott Merola


7. Photo by Major williams


8. Photo by Brian Curran


9. Photo by Mallav Naik


10. Photo by Justin Setchell


11. Photo by Maria-Mihaela Sârbu


12. Photo by Hossein Mosaferi

13. Photo by Conte Oliver


14. Photo by Jim Crotty


15. Photo by Minh Nghia Le


16. Photo by Jonathan Piette


17. Photo by Enrique Torices


18. Photo by William Horton

Shiprock at sunset

19. Photo by Mattpug


20. Photo by Joep R



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  1. Captain Kimo says:

    Nice selection of HDR photos. I especially like the one of the bridge.

  2. OpenTube says:

    Thanks Captain Kimo. You have a wonderful tutorial on HDR.

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