17 Top star trail photography ever

A camera fixed on a Tripod with shutter open for a long duration can take wonderful pictures! As the Earth rotates on its axis, stars appear rotating and these long exposure shots in the clear night, leaves behind beautiful trails! But, It is not that simple to take such nice photos. Here we have collected beautiful 17 such photos for your viewing pleasure.


Using a flashlight, wave it around inside a tent for about 30 seconds. (20-minute exposure)

(Death Valley, California, USA) – by Dan Heller


Two Hour Exposure out a hotel room window (Alto Adige, Italy)by Dan Heller

Star Trails over Mountain - by Dan Heller

A 3.5 hour shot on a night with no moon, 16,000 feet above Mt. Kilimanjaro

(Kilimanjaro, Tanzania) – by Dan Heller

Star Trails - by Dan Heller

Click on the image (opens in new page) for time-lapse movie

(California, USA) – by Dan Heller


Click on the image (opens in new page) for time-lapse movie

(California, USA) – by Dan Heller


Stars over Bodie house – by Dan Heller


Start Trails over Truck! by Dan Heller


11 hour star trail Credit & Copyright: Josch Hambsch


Star Trails by philg@mit.edu (source)


20-minute exposure of star trails, with trees lit by faint ambient light from the campfire

(Yosemite, California, USA) by Dan Heller


Star Trails Over Vienna Credit & Copyright: Peter Wienerroither (U. Wien)


Star Trails over Halfdome, 25 minutes – copyright E.J. Peiker


Tufa Star Trail – Mono Lake California, 45 minutes copyright E.J. Peiker


Sheep Shearing Shed and Star Trails Self Portrait, Kairuru Farm by Scott L. Robertson


Star Trails by Peter A. Suchsland O.D.


End of times? by Micah Lauer, photographer


Star Trails – Image Source


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  1. […] had featured some great Top star trail photography in our earlier post. If you are inspired by those photos and want to try something on your own. […]

  2. Ambika says:

    amazing photos. Mesmerizing stars!!!

  3. Original post by Dmitri Gromov

  4. Cheers for the informative article – I had fun reading it! I always love browsing your blog. :)

  5. gt209 says:

    About the Star Trails over Vienna photo, it is not possible. This type of photography tracks stars procession around the sky with the shutter left open, so the light from each position will be “imprinted” on the photo. If the stars make 360 degree processions as the photo shows, that means 24 hours has passed, as in 24 hours the stars make orbits in our sky based on the earth’s rotation. In 24 hours the sun will also come up, and it’s light will wash away at least the stars, and probably the entire picture as well. It would be just a wash of light. So unfortunately, this one is computer-altered. The rest however, are sweet.

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