10 Terrific Free Massively Multiplayer Online Games

Why play alone when you can play with hundreds and thousands of players online and compete with each other. Massively Multiplayer Online Game and those class of games that are capable of supporting hundreds or thousands of players simultaneously. They are usually played on internet and provides at least one virtual world.  They are many massively multiplayer online games that run on a non-profit basis and provide terrific entertainment to the gamers without requiring any payments.

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Here in this post we look at 10 massively multiplayer online games that are free for the players

1. Allegiance

Allegiance is a multiplayer online that was initially developed by Microsoft Research and was later released under a shared source license in 2004. Now it is maintained and developed by volunteers. The game provides a mix of real-time strategy and player piloted space combat gameplay.


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2. SubSpace

SubSpace is a two-dimensional space shooter computer game published in 1997. It incorporates quasi-realistic zero-friction physics into a massively multiplayer online game. It was a finalist for the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Online Game of the Year Award in 1998. SubSpace utilizes client-server architecture and both the client and server were provided by Virgin Interactive Entertainment initially. Then the client executable was titled SubSpace nut a new client, titled Continuum is available that was created by players PriitK and Mr Ekted. The server is now a small Subspace Server.


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3. Infantry

Infantry Online is an isometric perspective multiplayer combat video game with sprite animation graphics. The graphics are provided using complex soldier, ground vehicle and space-ship models on a complex terrains. It lets players to choose from a list of game zones to enter and each zone has a unique style of gameplay. It offers a wide diversity of weapons, player classes and objectives.


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4. Gekkeiju

Gekkeiju is a 3D Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game developed by a Finnish indie software company call Coolhouse. It add in anime-style characters into a medieval fantasy world. The game’s character options consist of nine playable character races : humans, elves, halflings, half-giants, dwarves, wild elves, dark elves, goblins and catfolk. Each of the races come with with their own advantages and disadvantages. Its fun as it provides options to change the race during play, through reincarnation


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5. Astro Battle

Astro Battle is a science fiction Multi-directional shooter game that focuses on players designing star fighters to fight against other players’ ships in an overhead melee. The game is developed and published by Lava Lord Games for Microsoft Windows and Linux. The objective of Astro Battle is to destroy other player’s ships in multi-player online matches.


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6. Crossfire

Crossfire is a free and open source cross platform multiplayer online computer role-playing game that features a tile based graphic system with a pseudo-isometric perspective. It lets any number of players to connect and play on the public servers, finding and using items and battling monsters. They can choose to cooperate or compete in the same world which includes both static and randomly generated content. It is a client and server based game with the ability to be played over the Internet, on a local network setting, or on a single computer setup.


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7. Terra: Battle for the Outland

Back in 1996, Kaon interactive introduced one of the internet’s original Massive multiplayers online role-playing game was Terra. Terra is a virtual world played from the first-person perspective with one of several vehicles. The game has some role-playing aspects to it as each player makes a character whose statistics are tracked continuously.  Terra is one of the few on-line games still playable by older computers and modems. In battle areas, where there is heavy vehicle traffic and weapons fire, the slowdowns are apparent but the game is still playable.


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8. Urban Dead

Urban Dead is a Free HTML/text-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game created by Kevan Davis. It lets the players to enter the game either as a survivor or a zombie, each with different abilities and limitations. Survivors become zombies when they are killed. There are no non-player characters in the game: all survivors and zombies are controlled by players.


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9. Underlight

Underlight is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game that focuses on character development and interaction rather than combat or items. The game has enforced ‘in-character’ roleplaying and gives players the power to teach skills to other players. It has player-driven monsters and allows higher powered players to gain experience from subordinates.


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10. IVAO – International Virtual Aviation Organization

IVAO provides flight-simulation enthusiasts with a network that allows them to either fly online with other people as pilots, or direct virtual air traffic as air traffic controllers. It has its own software for air traffic controller called "IvAC. The flight simulation requires that a flight-simulation program such as Microsoft Flight Simulator or X-Plane installed on the local computer. This flight-simulation program uses internet to communicate with the IVAO servers network using the free IVAO software IVAP (X-IVAP for X-Plane).


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