10 Must Have Gadgets For Cubicle And For Geeks To Have Fun At Work

While you spent more than 7 to 8 hours a day in your cubicle, it’s good to have your cubicle well decked out with some little gadgets. If you are a geek and would like to have some fun at work, then try these gadgets. Here we cover some interesting gadgets that you must have in your cubicle to have fun at work. 


Here are the 10 gadgets for your cubicle to make your job a fun stuff.

1. Eye and brain massager


When you are tired of staring at your computer screen, all that you need is some nice massage to your eyes and brains. Now you can use this little device to get your brain massaged without having to ask anyone. Instead of having to rub your own temples, just put on this cool looking headset and let the relaxation begin. Buy it here.

2. USB Aroma Diffuser (Candle Light)

USB Aroma Diffuser

Office safety measures bar candles and incense from your cubicle. But this Aroma oil "burner," or "diffuser," uses USB power to disperse scent throughout your workspace, creating a mood to work! Buy it here.

3. USB Disco Ball


When you want to celebrate a code delivery or may be you are too stressed and want to have a quick disco, just convert your cubicle into a personal disco circa 1976 with the help of the USB Disco Ball. Mini, USB-powered disco ball with three separate tri-colored LEDs that reflect off tiny embedded mirrors to quickly turn any cubicle into your own personal disco. Buy it here.

4. USB Decoration Kit – Christmas


If you would like to decorate your cubicle for this Christmas, here is a perfect device you must have. USB Decoration Christmas Kit which contains a string of colourful LED lights, a cutie Christmas hat and a mouse pad for you to decorate your working desk! Buy it here.

5. USB Beverage Cup Cooler/Warmer


While you are sipping a coffee or coke at work, in your cubicle, you would like them hot or sometimes cold. Here is a USB-powered heating and cooling plate meant to warm up or chill a beverage while you work. This little device decreases room-temperature beverage by as much as 7 degrees Celsius and increases drink temperature by as much as 13 degrees in 10 minutes. Buy it here.

6. Chess set


If you are tired of working and want to play a quick game with your cubicle neighbor, then this little Chess set is perfect for you. The board rolls up for easy portability. If the CEO walks in and you need to pack it up midgame, you can save a JPEG of the current game status for easy setup when you’re ready to continue later. Buy it here.

7. Bamboo fountain


A nice little Japanese tea garden at your cubicle will help you to relax when you are stressed at work. This USB-powered fountain not only illuminates, it also circulates water to keep the waterfall going. Buy it here.

8. LED nameplate


No more printouts on paper to broadcast a message to your neighbors. If you’ve got a message to broadcast to your cubicle neighbors then get these LET nameplates. These customizable scrolling badges can hold up to eight 253-character messages (almost twice the size of a tweet!) and display them in five scrolling modes. Buy it here.

9. USB Warmer Mouse


If the AC is too low or its a old winter out there and you need a keep your palm warm while on the mouse, then get one of these USB Warmer Mouse. It has a built in heater to keep your palm warm while your hand is on it. Buy it here.

10. Missile launcher


Finally, a missile launcher USB Rocket Launcher has a good range, good enough to scare your  cube-neighbors if they are making too much noise. Hook this to your Windows machine, and you’ll have a full 360 degrees of computer-guided foam artillery with an effective range of a full six meters to shoot at your cube-neighbor.  Buy it here.

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