10 Best Software Tools To Conduct Root Cause Analysis and Solve Complex Problems

Root cause analysis (RCA) is a structured evaluation method that is conducted to identify the root causes for a problem or a undesired outcome.

The resulting actions are adequate to prevent recurrence of the problem. A Root Cause Analysis helps to determine what happened, how it happened, and why it happened. Here there are many techniques like 5 Whys, Fault Tree analysis etc. there are few software tools that guide you through the process of performing a RCA. While there is intelligence needed to do a RCA, these software tools are designed so well that it can intelligently guide you through the process and determine the cause. Another advantage of using a software tool to do a RCA is that it would be a independent assessment of the problem was it is machine driven.


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Here in this post we have reviewed 10 best software that help you perform and document an RCA-based Corrective Action.

1. REASON Root Cause Analysis Software

The REASON Root Cause Analysis Software is designed for organizations that have commitment to operations excellence.  It is an expert system software that guides you to uncover the root causes of your operations problems, enables you to manage and track your corrective action plans and communicates the lessons learned from your problem solving activities. It aims to preserve and communicate the knowledge learned from identifying and correcting the root causes of their problems.

More info here.

2. TapRooT Software

TapRooT software was once was just a great root cause analysis tool and is now an Investigation Management System. It provides tools to manage  from reporting of an incident to validating the effectiveness of corrective actions. You  can use one the software to report incidents, analyze root causes, develop corrective actions, write and approve reports, track fixes, validate the effectiveness of the fixes, and trend performance in a secure, password protected environment. TapRooT Software is unique, advanced and it has been patented.

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3. NASA Root Cause Analysis Tool (RCAT) Software

The NASA Root Cause Analysis Tool (RCAT) is designed to facilitate the analysis of anomalies, close calls, and accidents and the identification of appropriate corrective actions to prevent recurrence. The RCAT software provides a quick, easy, accurate, and repeatable method to perform and document root cause analysis, identify corrective actions, perform trending, and generate data usable in precursor analysis and probabilistic risk assessment.

If you are interested in your company receiving a copy of the software, you could complete the online form by providing the required information and request for a copy of the software.

More info here.


ReliaSoft’s XFRACAS software tool is a Web-based, closed-loop, enterprise-wide incident reporting / failure reporting, data analysis and corrective action software system. The XFRACAS software provides all of the tools that any organization will need to troubleshoot issues as they occur in the lab or in the field, capture the data required for important reliability, quality, safety and other analyses, work as a team to resolve underlying problems and build a “knowledge base” of lessons learned that will be instrumental to future troubleshooting and development efforts.

More info here.

5. PathMaker

Pathmaker helps you to systematically improve quality, solve problems, execute projects, and design innovative products and services. It has tools to brainstorm together, create flowchart together,, create charts and graphs together, Analyze problems, track progress and indicators, think of solutions and accelerate your projects.

More info here.

6. RealityCharting

RealityCharting is a powerful, user-friendly software solution created to help people better understand their problems and identify effective solutions that prevent recurrence. Whether you are a professional incident investigator, facilitator or just one of many interested parties, RealityCharting will help you understand and document your problem better than you ever have before. A Wizard window guides the new or occasional user through the rules of the Apollo method and leads them towards completion of a Realitychart. Creating a Realitychart is accomplished in an iterative five-step process integrally connected to implementation of the Apollo RCA process.

More info here.

7. Solve

Solve makes the root cause analysis very simple as the software is is designed to be extremely easy to use. The software helps you to build the Root Cause Tree directly on the screen and analyze all elements in a Path to Failure in one simple view. It lets you examine the entire Root Cause Tree in the Overview screen and instantly see the big picture to come up with relevant actions to address the cause.

More info here.

8. Tripod Beta

Tripod Beta is a systematic and structured process of incident investigation and analysis. It makes unknowns and uncertainties visible during the investigation and provides insight into the effectiveness of control mechanisms, latent failures and lists the remedial actions to achieve sustainable improvement. It generates a Tripod Beta tree that is a graphical representation of the investigated incident. The tree is easy to interpret and is a powerful tool for presenting and communicating the investigation results.

More info here.


The PROACT® RCA Enterprise Suite enables your organization the ability to collaborate on and share root cause analysis data with your investigation team and management personnel within your facilities worldwide. Build fact driven logic trees, import/export numerous file types, organize analysis data, and customize automatically generated analysis reports then print and share.

More info here.

10. Investigation Catalyst

Investigation Catalyst is a new genre of self-directing, collaborative investigation support software for documenting, understanding, analyzing and improving phenomena and processes of all kinds of problems faster and better.  It is process design, investigation and improvement support software, developed to support the management and conduct of process development, hazard analyses, accident and incident investigations and analyses, investigation report quality assurance, and change management tasks.

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  3. Cory Boisoneau says:

    I would also add Causelink to this list. It is an intuitive platform for building cause-and-effect charts, and producing RCA reports. The enterprise version also provides advanced data mining and team collaboration features: http://www.sologic.com/root-cause-analysis-software

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