10 Best Parental Control Software That Lets You Have peace Of Mind

How many parents can relax with peace of mind when your child is browsing the internet? Not many unless you have a Parental Control Software installed. In today’s world its very easy for a child browsing the internet bump into inappropriate content on the web. With Parent Control software, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are protecting your children and family by filtering internet from those inappropriate contents. The parent control software also known as Content-control software,or censorware or web filtering software are designed and optimized for controlling what content is permitted to a reader.


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Here in this post we have 10 Parental Control software using which you can be assured that your child is protected while on the internet. Some of these software are free while other have free trial and can be purchased. They have many useful features that lets you configure what sites are accessible to the user, manage the time, block contents etc.


1. Parental Control Bar

The Parental Control Bar is a free public service that helps concerned parents prevent their children from accessing adult-oriented web sites. Its free and has a simple three-step installation process to start controlling your family’s online activity. When your child attempts to access a website the toolbar first checks if the site is self-labeled, compares this site label to your parental settings and determines whether to block or allow access. If the site is not self-labeled, then the toolbar scans the extensive list of 3rd-party labels before deciding whether to block or allow.

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2. K9 Web Protection

K9 Web Protection is a free Internet filtering and control solution for the home. With K9, you get the same advanced Web filtering technology used by enterprise and government institutions worldwide — all with a user-friendly interface that allows you to control Internet use in your home. It enables you to block entire categories of content, such as pornography or gambling, or block specific Web sites, such as Facebook.

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3. Big Mother

Big Mother provides multifaceted, password-protected interface using which parents can easily block Internet access or other online features that may be tempting to little ones, such as uploading and downloading files, surly URLs, e-mails, games, and chats. Or, parents can grant limited access by developing scheduled access times. Big Mother even allows you to limit the amount of uploaded and downloaded data by file sizes.

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4. Browser Lock

Browser Lock designed by professional developer is designed to protect your children from online predators by blocking Internet access with Browser Lock. Browser Lock runs quietly in the background and prevents access to the Internet, via a browser, while you’re away. To enable access to the Internet you just need to put in your password. You have a free trial version and purchase it for a nominal fee.

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5. Anti-Porn

Anti-Porn software helps users keep their computer away from sexually questionable material online. With its strong blocking mechanism and additional protective options parents can protect their children from accessing objectionable online materials. Anti-Porn’s interface will instantly be understood by users as the controls are simple, mostly consisting of sliders and clickable buttons

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6. Parental Control Internet Filter

Parental Control Internet Filter is a free Parental Control Filter software program that helps parents to monitor and control the child’s use of the Internet. With the free Parental Control Filter you can filter-out websites, blogs, e-mails and instant messages if they contain inappropriate words. It lets you specify days and hours when Internet is allowed and limit the  amount of data that can be sent or received via Internet. You can also set the lists of allowed and blocked Internet programs and get ‘in time’ e-mails notification and see detailed reports about visited web sites and used programs.

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7. PC Tattletale

PC Tattletale offers a complete Internet Monitoring and Parental Control Software solution, that’s unmatched in the industry. It is the premier Internet monitoring & parental surveillance software to Keep your children safe online. This is a life saver program for parents who want to monitor their children’s activities.

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8. WebBounds

WebBounds gives adults peace of mind when kids play on the Internet. WibBounds allows your children to enjoy the educational and entertainment benefits of the Internet while ensuring that they are safe from other dangers. You can create an Allowed Sites list with all of your children’s favorite websites. When WebBounds is enabled, the user on the web can only access these sites.

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9. KidsWatch

KidsWatch parental control software is one of the fastest and easiest solution to safeguard your children’s’ Internet experience and maximize the
efficiency of the time they spend on the computer.
KidsWatch is much more than the best-rated time management solution. It is loaded and preloaded with many optional benefits and features that improve the security and the quality of the Internet your children see. Installing KidsWatch on your computer is customizing the Internet, by child, the way you want your kids to experience it.

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10. Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a powerful internet filtering tool that allows you to determine what Internet content enters your home. It comes with maximum protection and pre-set monitoring functions, which you can easily customize to meet your family’s unique needs. The new Net Nanny integrates seamlessly with "Safe Search" options found in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, AltaVista, Lycos, AllTheWeb, and MSN. This means your children can’t search on a search engine and even see links to blocked sites.

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  5. Candys says:

    it’s great. My sister use Actymac DutyWatch for monitoring her kid.

  6. Jan Doggen says:

    You can also take a look at VISE Parental control, available in English (kidscontrol.eu), German (kinderschutzampc.de) and Dutch (weetwatzedoen.nl). Works with XP, Vista, Win7 and has lots of options.

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    Thanks a lot! And i use Actymac DutyWatch. I like it because it’s easy-to-use and functional program (actymac.com).

  9. Derfs says:

    Thanks for the info! And I use KeyBag by protemac. I think it’s very good program which allows to record keystrokes.
    I use it for monitoring my little brother.

  10. Dave Rodgers says:

    Good article. It is good to know that there are other good people out there looking out to protect our children! Keep it up!

  11. I agree with the above poster about PC Pandora, it’s totally stealth, and it provides many ways that helps parents to know what their children are doing on the internet.


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